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The future is already here. — it’s just not very evenly distributed [William Gibson]

In Virtual Places we believe that the future of architectural visualization belongs to virtual reality and real time solutions. Using game engine technologies we can bring your project to life, delivering an interactive immersive product that can overwhelm customers while helping architects and interior designers realize and preview the feeling of unbuilt spaces.

Moreover, the architectural character of our team ensures the direct communication with fellow architects and interior designers.

Our Services

We develop virtual reality applications, mainly in the fields of architectural visualization, product presentation, heritage and culture. Virtual Places applications develop fully three-dimensional environments, to explore and walk through. Designs and future projects come to life in interactive environments. Spaces can be experienced before they are built, in a high level of realism.

Our main development platform is SteamVR and HTC VIVE. Other development platforms can be used upon request.

Interactive Virtual Reality

Interactive Virtual Reality is the three dimensional reconstruction of a space, that the viewer can freely explore. Doors and windows can be opened and closed at realtime, objects can be moved around or change colors and materials. The viewer wears a Virtual Reality HMD (Head Mounted Display) such as HTC-VIVE or Oculus Rift.

Walk-through videos

Traditionally, a three dimensional architectural video of a space used to consume vast amounts of processing power and time. By exploiting real time technologies offered by game engines, we can create videos that cost less in terms of computer power and time, giving us the time to concentrate on video direction and post processing.

360° Virtual Reality

The viewer stands in the middle of a space that is projected all around him/her. This projection is a static render of a scene. The viewer can chose to navigate to fixed points in spaces. Interactive objects such as infographics can always be added.


If you have a project that you would like to visualize, in Virtual Reality technology, get in touch. The virtual reality applications can be experienced in our company offices, or elsewhere within Attica region. For owners of virtual reality headsets, our applications can be delivered as executable files.

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Our team comprises architects, software engineers and 3d artists, combining their experience, inspiration and specialty in their fields.

Sotiris Kouvopoulos

Creative Director



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Development Director

Msc in Computer Animation BU

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Communications Director



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